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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where to start?!

It is always at this time of year that I start making my grand plans for kicking the proverbial butt of the following year.

This has been such a rollercoaster for me on both a personal level and a professional one. Posh Brats celebrated it's first year in business, opened a retail store, became a distributor for two major bath & body lines and enjoyed huge growth.

I am just proud as can be and needless to say a bit overwhelmed too!
Right now we are up to our eyeballs with holiday orders (already!!) and making sure all our ducks are in order to keep things flowing smoothly.
We are also finalizing details on our new retail location opening in Knutsford in January. This has been a long long saga that began back in March 09, when I decided a move to another location was necessary.

My American mind still has a hard time getting around just how LONG it takes to do anything in the UK. The myriad of red tape, paperwork, meetings, meetings about having meetings, etc can be exhausting. SO, the finding of a new location then securing that location is now tantamount to my idea of hell. I look forward to a time when I can hire someone to do that sort of thing for me.

The past months have seen me behind the scenes developing my own product line. It's nowhere near completion...one hurdle at a time.....but it IS coming in the new year. I have been busy tweaking recipes, researching, and planning. I love the lines I carry and I believe in them but I am very aware that the only thing that will push Posh Brats over the edge into big business is to have our own line of products.
Thankfully my years and background spent in the beauty industry has assisted me greatly BUT the main source of inspiration in this journey are the customers. I have some dedicated product testers that are brutally honest with me and that is priceless!

So...... watch this space because I will be making announcements soon regarding the new retail space!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

**I am off now to bake my pies and tea breads (and sample)**

Monday, September 7, 2009

Villainess' Silk and Cyanide Soap - a bloke's view

I have been kindly allowed to squat in the Posh Brats blog by Brittany and write about one of my favourite new products - Villainess' Silk and Cyanide soap.

Often referred to as my favourite drug of choice, Silk and Cyanide has provided me with many hours of wonderful company in the shower.

Now, being a bloke, I am not ashamed to declare my love of this soap and also being a bloke, I can say this devotion (almost obsession according to some) is based on some well observed facts, of which I shall try and write down in a logical manner.

1. It is made from all natural ingredients
2. It smells great
3. It feels great on my face
4. Oh, and it smells great.

In truth the biggest plus for me is that it has cured my face of horrible ingrowing hairs which I get if I don't shave for a couple of days - which for me is often as I like to grow a bit of the 'ol designer stubble.

So there you have it. From having a face that was tarnished with enough spots at times to make a teenager look in disgust to nothing in a month.

I would not class myself as a metrosexual or label myself with any other tag that is conveniently hoisted on us for marketing purposes; all I am is a simple bloke who has found his definition of soap heaven.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Elvis Impersonators

I think probably if Elvis is looking down from heaven right now, the thing he regrets most in his life is that he grew those big hairy sideburns and wore that tacky white sequined outfit with the cape during his last concerts. I'm sure even he's sick of being impersonated in that look. Can't anyone just give the guy a break and put on some khakis and a sportshirt for once?

I just hope I don't die in my hair-dye stained nightgown, granny drawers up to my neck and sporting badly stubbled legs in need of a shave or all my friends will be imitating ME like that for eternity!!! Now that would be truly tragic.....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Posh Brats & Villainess present: The Seven Deadly Sins Collection!

In case you hadn't heard about it, Villainess has just released a brand new product called Smack!

This is destined to be as addictive as the drug....we all love pretty coloured and fragranced scrubs but they can wreak havoc on sensitive skin.Problem solved, folks! This is a much more natural look at the ever-popular sugar scrub.

This what Villainess has to say:

" The Villainess Smack! is a big wet kiss of luxury. A gentle blend of foaming agents, spiked liberally with skin loving vegetables oils - grapeseed, cherry kernel, coconut - and anti-oxidant Orchid Extract, and laced with botanicals and cane sugar to simultaneously cleanse, buffer, and exfoliate."

The scents are unreal and in an excited frenzy I put together my own collection of scent combos and have named this:

The Seven Deadly Sins Collection

Numbers are limited on this so get to our website and order yours if you'd like your "fix"!!www.poshbrats.com

$ 15.00 USD
£ 10.00 GBP

The collection:** Order by the sin!!!**


1. Buttercream Cupcake
Heaps of buttery sweet icing slathered on moist yellow cake.

2. Cherries Jubilee
Syrupy black cherries and a twist of orange zest.

3. Chocolate Mousse
Smooth pools of decadent dark chocolate.

4. Espresso
Strong, dark-roast, black coffee.


1. Berry Patch
Vine-warmed strawberries, tart wild blackberries, a handful of blueberries and a splash of sweet cream.

2. Marshmallow
Sticky, sweet confections doused in powdered sugar.

3. Lemon Meringue
Creamy lemon filling in grandmother's impeccable pie crust.

4. Coconut Milk
Cool coconut cream.


1. Fresh Squeezed Citrus
Sweet orange, pink grapefruit, lemon, lime and a bubbly splash of champagne.

2. Buttercream Cupcake
Heaps of buttery sweet icing slathered on moist yellow cake.

3. Raspberry Plum
Juicy red raspberries and succulent plums.

4. Honey Nut
Toasted almonds tumbled in clover honey.


1. Candy Floss
Fluffy, spun pinkness with a soft skin-scent, and crisp candy.

2. Tropical Fruit
Bananas with a big splash of pineapple, mango, papaya and passionfruit.

3. Vanilla Bean
Perfection. Vanilla, neither rich, boozy, artificial nor creamed.

4. Limeade
Spritzy, green, candied lime peel.


1. Cherries Jubilee
Syrupy black cherries and a twist of orange zest.

2. Spice Trade
Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and a homey splash of clove.

3. Pomegranate Fig
Bursts of tangy red fruit over the earthy sweetness of dry figs.

4. Incense
Frankincense, myrrh, oppoponax and dragon's blood resin. Smoke not included.


1.Sugared Roses
Perfect, pink, long-stemmed roses, crusted with pure cane sugar.

Dark, loamy dirt and touch of antique patchouli.

3. Lei Flowers
Big tropical blossoms - gardenia, neroli, plumeria, and orchid.

4.Red Woods
Sandalwood, mahogany and cedar very lightly spiced with sage and cardamom


1.Pomegranate Fig
Bursts of tangy red fruit over the earthy sweetness of dry figs.

2. Spice Trade
Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and a homey splash of clove.

3. Cherries Jubilee
Syrupy black cherries and a twist of orange zest.

4. Chocolate Mousse
Smooth pools of decadent dark chocolate.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Assorted reviews over the past year....

I've been busy cleaning up my life and all things related to Posh Brats. I came across my file of product reviews from assorted lovely users at the LLL Forum (Little Lost Lushies). This is actually where Posh Brats got it's start and I probably couldn't have chosen a more difficult and discerning place to jump off from. I would highly recommend joining this forum if you are a bath & beauty addict.....fabulous bunch of people that are missing the bitchy viciousness that seems to be rampid at other forums!

The truth is, I knew if these ladies liked the assorted offerings I threw at them , then chances are...so would the general public. As with any feedback I take it all very seriously and I listen to each and every one of them. The great thing about this group is they are completely honest and when they don't like something they tell me exactly why. Reviews are always a great way to see into your company and as long as you don't take yourself too seriously....great fun!


**Some were for products that were seasonal offerings so don't fret if you don't recognize them.**

Villainess - 'Blood' Soap
Beautiful deep red soap with a rich scent of heavy ripe dark berries and fruity dry red wine. Lovely to use under 'evening' perfumes, very much an afternoon or evening bathing experience as its very warm and decadant.This soap lathers well and leaves the skin soft and fragranced. Quite a dense soap that retains its shape and lasts. Good for bathing and I have used this to lather before shaving with good results. I love it and will be ordering more.

~TeePee (LLL forum)

Hawaiian Bubble Shack Loofah soap in Pikaki Lei

Great scent,creamy lather and scrubs like a dream. Totally transports you to paradise.The scent lingers beautifully after use, and skin feel noticeably softer.Very innovative design. Doesn't go soggy at all, and lasts really well.Highly recommended.

~Glitzie Wrenchops http://thewhimsicalwren.bigcartel.com/

Villainess Whipped

All of the "whipped" varieties are too die for!!...The cream is very moisturising and goes a long way without leaving you all greasy and the fragrance lingers forever!!...I am particularly fond of Frostbite whipped, a very fresh clean subtle floral with a chilling kick!!.... The Villainess smooch is also fantastic....Very scrubby and satisfying! The sugar lasts a lovely long time so you can have a good long scrub...and the fragrance is lovely. I am particularly in love with Blush because I love the fruit pips and the fragrance lingers on your skin really well....Blush is fruity and reminds me of innocent little berries that have drowned in a glass of cheap white wine!!!..........XX
I would also like to add that I have always received my parcels promptly and the packaging is generous, resulting in no damaged items!!...XX

~ Kalma http://www.ambersart.co.uk/

Arcana Soap - Filthy Viking

This soap has been a blessing! I bought this for Mr Brat as he works with jets and comes home absolutely filthy most days. He get covered in hydraulic oil, engine oil and other fairly nasty oils and chemicals in his duties with the RAF jets. Before he tried this soap he had to use this horrible caustic industrial cleaner to get his hands clean. It left his hands horribly dry and it made his eczema flare if he tried to use it on his body. Filthy Viking has been perfect. There is just the right amount of scrubby pumice in it to really tackle all the dirt and oil. It also smells amazing, its a lovely crisp clean scent with the juniper and mint. It lathers up beautifully and seems to really last, this isn't a soap that is going to melt away in a couple of showers. If you are needing a soap that gets you really clean, exfoliates and leaves you feeling invigorated than this is a wonderful soap.

~ Brat (LLL forum)

Dark Candles -"Ballsy Broad"

- this candle is a lovely, foodie sweet scent, without being too sweet or cloying. Mine is on my bedside table, and I catch lovely whiffs of it, even when it isn't burning. I also keep new, unwrapped candles in my underwear drawer, which leaves my smalls lovely scented!

~Jinx (LLL forum)



Canaan (scent description from the website)Warm milk, sticky bronzed honey, succulent grapes and berries, and exotic perfume - Tunisian jasmine, tuberose, the indolent lily of the valley, and Madagascar cloves.

My review
It is a very fruity soap, to my nose, the floral hits sharply however it is toned down by the spiciness of the cloves. It isn't a very spicy scent however. It's a very dense soap, as all Villainess soaps are. You will get good use of the soaps as they go a long way. It's also a little bit scrubby.

Dulces en Fuego (scent description from the website)Musky bitter chocolate sweetened with vanilla and touches of citrus then positively inflamed with black pepper and nutmeg.

My review
This is my absolute favourite soap and scent line from Villainess. You know how sometimes chocolate can be too sweet? The chocolate in this blend is a bitter chocolate, not sweet but really rich at the same time. The black pepper is crushed up into tiny bitty pieces that act as a scrub but it's very gentle, much like Buffy would be to your skin. The nutmeg and black pepper make the soap a bit spicy and to me that's the best part of the soap. The scent lingers pretty long and you can also use the smooch from the same line as well to cover yourself head to toe in this scent! Lovely lovely soap. Absolutely my favourite! If there's one soap you should try, try this one.

Jai Mahal (scent description from the website)A lesser palace infused with the sweet scent of victory. 4 rich vanillas and tonka, Mysore sandalwood, bourbon and coconut. Expensive woods, incense and imported spices - cedar, amber, myrrh, cardamom and nutmeg.

My review
I got this in a scrub and soap. To me, I didn't really smell the coconut, however the main scent was very sweet and was a mix of the tonka and vanilla. I couldn't really smell the sandalwood either but I did however smell the spices. The scent that really stood out to me was the cardamom, nutmeg and cedar. This makes a nice spicy yet sweet soap. If you like something sweet, this is the soap for you!

Ginger Snapped (scent description from the website)A slightly psychotic blend of sweet cinnamon, rich cardamom, spicy ginger, and a faint touch of innocent vanilla.

My review
To me, this is my 2nd favourite soap! I don't like a soap that smells too sweet like gingerbread so thinking I didn't like the scent, I got it in a swap with someone else. When I got it, I was greeted by a lovely ginger scent yet a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. However, this is not a sweet smelling soap and is a lot more spicy than sweet! Fans of Ginger from the Lush line will be disappointed as this doesn't smell floral at all. If you love the smell of ginger infused with spices, this is the soap for you! Love it! The scrub is also devine! Also, this soap has scrubby bits to it!

Krakatoa (scent description from the website)Flashes of exotic foliage - coconut, banana, papaya, dewfruit, mango - amidst slightly more domestic fruits - nectarine, red apple, peach, plums, pears, and raspberries - and an explosive burst of citrus - mandarin orange, pineapple, lemon, and tangerine. Light musk, salted driftwood, sugar cane, and dry sandalwood work to ground our island paradise.

My review
This is very fruity smelling soap! It smells like a mixed bowl of fruit and there's no distinct scent which is stronger than the other. This is also another of my favourite soaps especially in summer when I want to feel tropical and have a break from my spicy soaps. It's gorgeous and oh so yummy!

Paradise Misplaced (scent description from the website)Sweetly creamed coconut with touches of mango offset by crisp green tea.

My review
This soap I got recently but I haven't yet have the chance to use it in the shower. It smells really nice and fruity and the fruity scent isn't too sharp as mango scent can get pretty sharp as it is softened by the sweet coconut. The scent isn't too sweet as it's neutralised by the green tea which I can smell a faint hint of. Lovely scent!

Shanghaied (scent description from the website)A faint breath of perfume - jasmine, strawberry, peach, rose and lily of the valley swallowed up by a citrus frenzy of bergamot, lemon and tangerine. And then a backdrop of exotic woods, spices, and resins - bamboo, cedar, ginger, nutmeg, sandalwood, pine and coriander.

My review
This is truly an Asian scented soap. The first sniff of it and I can smell the oriental spices of ginger, nutmeg, sandalwood and bamboo. It's such a delicate scent which isn't bowled over by the fruitiness of the soap. I have also hoarded a lot of this soap! It also has some scrubby bits as well. It isn't really mentioned in the scent description but the green tea smell comes out the strongest in this soap and to me it's truly refreshing!

Silk and Cyanide (scent description from the website)Almond. Crisp, barely sweet, pervasive and altogether sinister.

My review
Unfortunately this is one of the only soaps I didn't really like from Villainess. The scent was extremely weak and I couldn't even smell anything from it. The almond seed pieces were pretty large and if you like harsh exfoliation, this is one to get. This isn't the soap for me unfortunately.


Dulces en Fuego
Just like the soap, smells exactly the same. The grain is really fine so it's not a really scrubby scrub. It leaves a nice smooth sheen on the skin and the scent lingers. Not too oily! My fave!Ginger SnappedMy favourite to use in winter as it's really warming. It's pretty similar to the Dulces and Fuego in terms of size of the beads of the scrub. Nice and moisturising.

Pearl Diver (scent description from the website)A delicate play of bergamot and jasmine, orchid and pikaki, over a sensible wash of sandalwood, and salty kelp.

My review
This is supposed to be a foot scrub as the grains in this scrub is really large and is very harsh. It's also rather oily but it does the job! The scent is really strong and can be pretty overwhelming. I smell the bergamot and jasmine, very floral and quite seaweedy. Be careful when using it as it can get rather slippery after washing it out!


I've only used the Dulces and Fuego one as my staple, but basically the scents are the same as the soaps and scrubs. It is very light and leaves a nice sheen on the skin and absorbs very well too! I love it, and it's light and fluffy! This holds true for the other scents too!

~SephSil (LLL forum)

Villainess Decadence Soap/Smooch!

I went to Tesco yesterday and all Haagen Dazs ice creams were half price, so I got a tub of Belgian Chocolate and a Tub of Bailey's Irish Cream. When I ate the Bailey's I thought- hang on, this is SOOO familiar! And it was just like freezing some Decadence scrub and eating it !

*laughs* What made me get the Decadence was its description, of alcoholic and buttery-it REALLY is!!
So if you want a description, then it just smells like Baileys Irish Cream ice cream. Absolutely Delectable.
My favourites are foodie scents - so I also love Grampa Joe and Gloop. I know Gloop is discontinued, but when I cut up a bar in slices and left it in hubby's flat before we moved here to Ireland, my MIL saw it on the windowsill and asked "why are these chocolate bars here?" "the room smells of dark chocolate and I don't like it!" Probably the best compliment for a bar of soap that is supposed to smell of chocolate!

~ Adri (LLL forum)


A couple of general comments about Villainess. Brooke, its creator, is a genius. Her scents take you to other places and times...reminding you of them in the best possible way, like the madeleines in Proust's Remembrance of Things Past. Her scents linger on you, scent your bathroom when you use them. and her Whipped body cream is simply the best overall moisturiser I have ever used.
I wish I didn't have to use up other body creams I have here so I could switch to use Whipped exclusively-its lightness is deceptive as it really deeply moisturises skin. And the scents of Whipped last for at least six hours...often I can still smell the Whipped I used at bedtime on me when I get up the following morning.
Brooke also offers different kinds of scrubs-some spicy scents come in a warming scrub, others are gently exfoliating, and there is a wondrous foot scrub that is also super for eczema relief as I have just discovered.

Villainess Grundy Scent
Grundy is a scent that takes me back to my days in the States living in Minnesota, which was full of meadows and open fields, many of the latter often freshly turned by the plow. We used to have sudden, violent thunderstorms there. After they ended there was a wonderful clean scent in the air that combined grass and earth and another element that you only smell after the end of a thunderstorm-probably due to the electrical discharges. Anyone who likes Lush Soap Sod or Fox in the Flowers should try Grundy-it's what I call my Gaia scent, it reminds me of all that's best about an unspoiled Mother Earth. I have used Grundy soap and Grundy Whipped for the total Grundy scent experience.

Villainess Pyromania Scent
Pyromania comes in soap and in a warming scrub (Smooch). Since it's been chilly and windy in Northumberland I have used both soap and Smooch a lot lately as they are wonderful for warming one up after one comes in soaking wet from rain and wind so strong the brolly failed. Pyromania is both a sweet and spicey scent-its base is brown sugary but it has added pepper so the soap is slightly scrubby from the pepper. Anyone who remembers the wonderful Lush soap Spice Mountain would love the Villainess Pyromania scent-it's complex, with a lot of depth, but with a wonderful spicy kick.

~Arabbits (LLL forum)

Arcana - Madame Lapin Sugar Scrub:

"The essence of a soft brown bunny: fragrant notes of sweet honey, dry Atlas cedarwood, warm toast, buttermilk, and a subtle blend of spices. Made with honey extract, mango butter and cane sugar. "Ok.. I admit, I totally bought this because of the name - cute cute cute! But I also liked the description of the scent and the fact that it was a nice big 10oz tub!Good ThingsIt's got a picture of a rabbit on the tub, yay.
The scent is beautiful, I've now bought a bottle of the perfume too! I was a bit dubious about the idea that it might actually make you smell of toast but luckily it's not very foody at all, just warm and soft and a tiny bit spicey.The scrub is excellent. It's erm.. scrubby! I've been using it on upper arms and legs, leaves my skin lovely and soft.
It's fairly oily which may not be to everyone's tastes, but as far as I'm concerned this is a GOOD THING, since I don't have to moisturise over the top of it, and can continue to enjoy the lovely smell.
Bad Things:
It made me buy a bottle of the perfume and I already own far too much perfume.You will wander round in a cloud of bunnyness, sniffing yourself and stroking your super soft arms, leading your co-workers to question your sanity.

~Dharmaqueen (LLL forum)

Arcana ~ Murder Ballad Blues sugar scrub

Description from website ~ Appalachian blackberries and sugared mountain violets with hints of dark earth and guilty secrets. Oh my god this stuff is gorgeous! I reminds me of when I was wee and went bramble picking wi my gran It is so fruity and the scent stays on your skin all day. Lovely and scrubby too, not scratchy which I thought it might be. And the mango butter leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft, even after drying off, no need for moisturising afterwords.

~ Peeriecaz (LLL forum)

Island Ghosts Luv Brown Sugar PB Scrub:

Our Fragrance:...This creamy sugar scrub is bursting w/sweet Caribbean Island carmalized brown sugar, Island brown sugar frosted cupcake w/ sweet Ghostly nutmeg spice undertones kissed w/ soft luscious warm drizzled sugar-n-spice frosting drizzles....Mmm simple delicious! Love at first smell, this gorgeous foody scent *just a teaspoon full* filled my whole bathroom with a wicked yummy sweet scent of autumn bakery sweets. I was a bit hungry at the time, but this tiny bit not only fed my skin *a beautiful moisturizing foam develops when you rub it in* but also my sweet tooth. No need for cravings anymore with this one!

~Irina (LLL forum)

Villainess gingersnapped whipped

- Absolutely delicious. I had smelt the soap and loved it, and now having used this I could be tempted by even more of their stuff. The smell is just lovely - proper foodie baking scent, but subtle rather than overpowering and "fake". Lovely thick cream that sinks in really quickly.

Posh Brats orange creamsicle scrub - Just amazing. The scent is gorgeous, so orangey and zesty...it's honestly really tempting to taste some!! The actual scrub is fab - I hadn't used a sugar scrub before and it is lovely, quite gentle but very effective. Would definitely buy this again and would like to try other scents too!

Blueberry vodka soap - Don't really like this one. Nothing wrong with the product, it's a good soap, but the scent is too vodka-ey for me, I find it a bit peculiar. I think I'd prefer just blueberry scent!

Dark Candles apparition, arachne's garden, and clove wax melts - Smell amazing in their packets and lovely dark purpley colours. Haven't had chance to burn them yet.

Murder ballad blues soap - Gorgeous soap, smells great and left my underarms really soft and smooth when I used it for shaving. Very creamy, and although I thought it was a bit pricey for a soap...a little goes a long way so I think it will last me a long time.

Rainforest love spell perfume - Lovely. Smells like those candy necklaces and watches you had as a kid. Good value for money for a rollerball perfume. Scent lasts for a good few hours but not all day but you can carry it in your bag. Perfect for a night out.

~Sausagina (LLL forum)

PB Luv My Gingerbreadman Scrub

My latest posh brats order arrived today. The luv my gingerbread man is TO DIE FOR! My whole house smells of sweet gingerbread and Ive only taken the lid off for a snif (or six!). I cant tell you how fab these products are. Britt - youve won me over. I dont think Ill be placing any more IOE transatlantic orders any more. You are such a pleasant person to do business with as well. Please keep some halloween scents all year round.

~ Wrenlegs (LLL forum)

Old Salem Witchery PB scrubs:

I now have my Old Salem Witchery scrubs in Candy Corn Cupcakes. I could smell this as I opened the package. Divine! It truly smells edible. I might have to fish out the actual candy corn and rinse them off to eat. The consistency is light and easy to rub on (some 'drier' scrubs tend to plop onto the shower floor!), and it's quite a generous sized tub. It's a delight to use and I didn't need to moisturise afterwards - I feel very smooth now.
Like wrenlegs, I'm a convert. I was gonna ask my man to get me IOE stuff for Christmas, but I'm more than happy to place an order with PB instead - a big saving on postage means affording more goodies, that are at least as good as IOE. In fact I've only tried one IOE scrub that was as nice (french toast fluff), the rest were great but not this great!

~ Cath (LLL forum)

Villainess Arsenic & Old Lace soap

I have just used villainess Arsenic and Old Lace soap - I am rubbishtastic at soap descriptions but it is such a good scent. Cherry cake but much deeper, darker, something mysterious, a heady and lovely scent. AND my skin is soft. I'll be needing more of this.

~ AnnaJack (LLL forum)

Rainforest Soap Shack Mrs Clauses Kitchen scent

Oh my gosh this scent is sooo Christmassy and just divine. It is just like walking into her kitchen just as she's getting the freshly made gingerbread men out of the oven. It's sooo yummy and also kinda makes you hungry too. I have it in the Body shot and it's the perfect size to carry round in your handbag. It sprays on at a kinda tepid temperature so it's nice to use in the cold weather and is a really nice way to freshen up. It's nice to spray a little to scent your hair too.

~Tommyv (LLL forum)

Southern Pecan Coffee

There is nothing petter than lightly toasted fresh golden Southern pecans. They have a light nutty flavour but this is offset by the lightest sprinkling of brown sugar crunch.
As soon as I unwrapped the package I could smell this and had to go put the kettle on straight away. To me it has a scent like toffee and Amaretto. Not in your face taste like some flavoured coffees or like your overzealous barista with the syrups. Like it says on the tin, light nutty with a brown sugar crunch. Slight sweetness so you probably wont need sugar unless you have a really sweet tooth, but not sweet and syrupy like your coffee house flavoured lattes.

~ Sazzle (LLL forum)

Arcana Ganesh Sugar Scrub

Oh my, why have I never tried a sugar scrub before?!
Beautifully scrubby, but also so moisturising! My skin feels soft, clean, exfoliated & massaged, & I like it so much, I'm washing with it every morning, as well as using it in my bath.
As someone with very sensitive skin, I was also very pleased that the spicy notes didn't prove stinging ones: I have no negative reactions, & I'm allergic to mild things like Dream Cream.
The scent lingers all day: coconut, vanilla, gentle spices & something rich & fruity to my nose, like a hint of mango or sweet lemon... really delicious!
It goes very well with my favourite Lush shampoo, Curly Wurly, too.After first using this product, I was compelled to dig out my slinkiest white satin & lace nightdress & squeeze into it!Two thumbs up! Can't wait to try more!

~ Lucy (LLL forum)

Villainess Posh & Brats Perfume and Whipped

Oh dear im in trouble, I just adore these two fragrances, the Brats is so deelish, sweet and totally yummy, a very playful scent. The Posh is a deeper warm evening fragrance, still sweet but with a touch of sophistication, im completely addicted to sniffing myself lol!! if you havent tried either of these then do yourself a favour and get some!!

~ Zoek (LLL forum)

There ya have it..... just a few views of the decadent offerings at http://www.poshbrats.com/

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Angels and Winged Creatures...

You know, I am serious when I say, I do believe there are angels on Earth. Just the other day I was reading about the little boy who was drowning when some stranger leaped in, saved him, and then seemed to disappear when no one was looking.

There are countless stories of strangers that do kind acts just in the nick of time, and then vanish before anyone can get their names or thank them. Those are truly angels. Why not more than a week ago I was up on my roof cleaning my gutters where all the leaves and pigeon poo gather, when I slipped off and was swooped up by an angel and safely lowered to the ground. If the angel had looked like the fella in this photo...I'd have kept him. He'd be still tied up in my guest room wearing a leather thong or something. Then again, I might have trained him to do useful things like clean the fish tank, organize my closets, and wash all my bras seperately so they don't end up in a mangled mess of lace, wire, and elastic. (nods) Indeed!!

No actually I just remembered, that was a UFO that flew by and caught me. So now I believe in angels and UFO's. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure my garden gnomes are just statues.

What form of crackadoodle are these people smokin'?

Not too long ago in the Posh Brats empire....

I was contacted by this company that wants PB to carry their products. I spoke on the phone to someone and we discussed what products I carry, etc and she said she'd send some info and samples.....

Well the next day Lucy (my gorgeous assistant) and I are sat here chattering over coffee in between customers and a box arrived with the stuff. So we're unpacking it and I take out this load of samps..cool, product catalogue...cool.
We skimmed over it and oohed and aahhed at the shower gels, etc. Then at the bottom of the box were some full sized products....Shampoo and conditioner for dark hair....cool
Make-up Remover wipes.....okay


Feminine Wash wipes.........coochie wipes??
and Feminine Wash gel....."special" coochie wash??

We sat there dumbfounded that out of that entire fab line.... they said...Hey, let's send this to represent our company.

So we died in peals of giggles and laughter. Yes, I know it's immature but I couldn't help it...I said to Lucy...Oh, so it's because they spoke to me on the phone and they said...Oh, this American .... smelly, too much make-up and dark hair...yep...send her these. *gets coat*

One of my girlfriends suggested that I keep them (the wipes) on hand for my next long haul flight....well my response was. Good idea but not sure I want those inspected in my carry-on bag and them deciding whether they have too much liquid and all.

I have visions of some big burly fella looking at them and yelling across the lanes... "Hey, Harv..... coochie wipes?? Those okay or do we toss them?"

I put them down in the loo and figured they'd be good for that time of month and these hot days.... I tried one yesterday and the darn thing was soaking wet and started foaming...

I'm there in the loo like....oh great, now I have a wet arse. I'm there trying to wave my bum around and dry off so my knickers wouldn't be all gross..... TMI, I know but geez..... moist wipes...not sodden washcloth that foams like bubble bath. (shrugs)